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Polly Ester is a magical clown. She brings her art of magic and illusions, animal balloons of exceptional quality, face painting, and her friend by the name of "Carl", who is a soft ventriloquist puppet that delights children of all ages to birthday parties and other special events. 

Invite Polly Ester Clown to your next birthday party and you will have an experience as well as memories you and your family will never forget.  Polly Ester Clown and Company has 27 years of experience doing children's Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Summer Picnics, Business Parties, Corporate Activities, and School Events, etc.


Be sure to check out the Polly Ester Clown Fun Club for kids and the Polly Ester Clown Coloring ContestShe's so much fun you just have to join in!

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Show $85.00 - 45 minutes -magic - Pre-schoolers

Coloring book, sponge balls, changing scarves, egg on head, candy pan, balloon animals for all the kids.

Show $100.00 - One hour - Magic - Pre-schoolers

Coloring book, sponge balls, changing scarves, egg on head, candy pan, card on the ceiling, Carl the ventriloquist puppet or Rabbit from a box, kazoo parade, balloon animals for all the kids.

Show $150.00 - 1 1/2 hours - two hours - Magic - Pre-schoolers

Coloring book, sponge balls, egg on the head, Rabbit in box, or Carl the ventriloquist puppet, balloons for all the kids, face painting for all the kids.

$85.00 - 45 minute magic show - Elementary age

Sponge balls, cups and balls, changing scarves, card on ceiling, topsy turvey bottles, candy pan, card on forehead, balloons for all the kids.

$100.00 - 1 1/2 hours - two hours - magic show - Elementary age

Sponge balls, cups and balls, changing scarves, card on ceiling, topsy turvey bottles, candy pan, card on ceiling, card in orange, card from fire, rabbit in box, straight jacket, chair levitation, kazoo parade, balloons for all the kids.

$150.00 - 1 1/2 hours - two hours - magic show - Elementary age

Sponge balls, card on ceiling, topsy turvey, straight jacket, chair levitation, rabbit from box, balloons for all the kids, face painting for all the kids.

These are examples of the show and what we would present.  Not all of the shows will be the same, have the same magic etc. it is just an example for you to go by to determine how we work the payment plans as well as the entertainment plans.  For older kids, teens, etc., we work it a slightly different way.  We come as magicians not clowns, and we usually just work the more complicated magic, balloons, and face painting.  For more information please call us at 208-637-8913.  Thank you.  Cecelia


Birthday Parties



Travel Fees


KIDS!!  Be sure to check out the coloring contest!!  Win $100.00 Polly Ester Birthday Party.  It is a yearly contest.  Three (3) kids win every year.  Just push the Polly Ester Clown Coloring Contest button, color your best, then send it in to Polly Ester Clown.





Johnny Appleseed, Polly Ester Clown Show,

Conflict Mangement, and so much more. 

Be sure to check all of the pages.  Some are

under construction, but if you have any

questions please feel free to call us.  Thank you.

More Info on Johnny Appleseed

Library shows - magic - $100.00 - $150.00

These depend on if you want us to create a new show or if we use our seasonal show.  Call today for more information. 




Library Shows



Travel Fees


Conflict Management Program

Celiebug Productions



Entertaining, Professional, Education at its best!!

Magic and Vetriloquism weaving your message thru the program.

What you will receive?

A program that will encourage children to find new ways to solve conflicts demonstrating with the use of puppets, ventriloquism, and magic as an edcational tool.

A free Parent Seminar to help parents understand conflict management tools and skills with the goal of being a partner in the solution.

Win/Win Guidelines Certificate of Participation with Win/Win Guidelines printed on it.

A Naomi Drew's "Learning the Skills of Peacemaking" book donated to your school library.

A poster with the Win/Win Guidelines Printed on it for your School.


Show is easy to Stage and has universal appeal

Testimonials and recent referrals are available upon  request

The show is so complete you don't have to worry about details.  One phone call will get you started.


Win/Win Guidelines

  1. Take time for cooling off if needed.  Find alternative ways to express anger.
  2. Each person states their feelings and the problem as they see it using "I messages".  No blaming, no name calling, no interrupting.
  3. Each person states the problem as the other person sees it.
  4. Each person says how they themselves are responsible for the problem.
  5. Brainstorming solutions together and choose a solution that satisfies both a Win/Win Solution.
  6. Apologize to each other and don't take it any further.  Let it go

Many schools have the Conflict Management Programs set up now.  I work with the program you have and incorporate it into my scrpt. 






Drug Prevention Discusses the problems of Drug Use and why you should stay away from them.  Uses magic show, puppetry, ventriloquism and  a game show to entertain the children while weaving the message throughout the show.

Conflict Management and Bullying Prevention is one way we can teach our children to stop bullying, learn to discuss our problems, think out solutions and empower children with resolutions.  This show also uses entertainment such as ventriloquism, puppetry and magic to teach and encourage children to make good life decisions.  For more information please call 208-637-8913. Thanks, Cecelia

More Info on Conflict Management

and Bullying


School Shows



Travel Fees


Ragtime-Oz Magic Course

  • Explore the artistic side of you and create a show that will shop an audience.
  • Learn how to make some of your own tricks.
  • Create a stage Personality
  • Learn how to write your own patter
  • Learn the philosphy of Magic
  • Learn 10 to 15 audience tested and approved tricks
  • enhance self disapline as well as self esteem
  • Become a member of the Junior International Brotherhood of Magicians

 Call today for an appointment to set up your magic lessons.  208-637-8913.  If you have any questions you can contact me at my email celiebugpro@yahoo.com


Put a Little Magic into your life!!  Or Alot!! 

 Cecelia Rupp has been doing magic since 1978.  she has performed for many audiences as well as business, corporate, and school events.  As an instructor she reminds all potential magicians that magicians are very careful about revealing a trick.  Magic is entertainment, and it gives your audience an opportunity to enjoy a special time in their life.  Once you learn a trick, you never reveal the secrets.  It is unethical in the magic world and ruins the experience of magic for everyone.  Unfortunately some people choose to reveal a magic illusion.  It is wrong.  If you decide to expose the lessons taught, you cannot be a member of the Junior Magicians International Brotherhood of Magicians in Idaho.  Let's just entertain audiences, learn magic as a science and have a lot of fun. 

 Magic Lessons - $50.00 per hour

To Whom It May Concern:

Re:  Personal Reference for Cecelia Rupp

My name is Kathi Evans, and I hired Cecelia Rupp to teach my daughter Jennifer Evans magic when she was in the 7th grade  I am so glad that I did.  Cecelia was always ready to teach Jennifer magic, and kept her challenged, and gave her the self confidence needed to perform before an audience.  Cecelia's enthusiam for her craft was contagious and they shared much fun and camaraderie together.

In the process of learning the skills of a magician, our daughter learned responsibility, professionalism, and how to budget.

I highly recommend Cecelia Rupp as an instructor.  Cecelia is a person who gives her all to her profession with dignity, enthusiasm, and much care for her students.

Thank you for your time.

Kathi Evans


Magic is Science

Science is Magic